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22 Jul 2022

Cybercrime risks when trading
Thanks to Anil Singhvi and Zee Business for highlighting the cybercrime risks when trading the markets. Cybercrime has gone up across banking to broking to social media...
14 Jul 2022

India FOSS - Fireside chat with Rudra Saraswat: 12 year old linux dev
When I was 12 years old, I was climbing trees. Talk about evolution...
12 Jul 2022

Demat accounts in India
Trend in demat account openings
11 Jul 2022

Beware of phishing attacks
Just like you don't share your bank logins, you shouldn't share your trading account logins as well...
08 Jul 2022

Comparing the volatility of Indian and US markets
There was a time when if US markets caught a cold, we'd catch a fever. But since 2010, volatility wise, we've been much better compared to the US...
06 Jul 2022

Follow up on thoughts on real estate performance
The question to ask when investing in real estate - Is the property yield greater than inflation?...
04 Jul 2022

Thoughts on real estate performance
At today's prices, real estate is unlikely to beat inflation + interest costs in the long run...
30 Jun 2022

MAU in Indian capital markets
Monthly active users(MAU) on Indian capital markets from the 2022 RBI financial stability report...
28 Jun 2022

Dictpress - Build dictionaries for any language
FOSS has to be one of the purest forms of art...
22 Jun 2022

Why I stopped trading
I get asked often, why stop trading? Trading isn't just trading stocks, It's trading your time and efforts to do things, where the risk to reward is most in your favour...
20 Jun 2022

Impressive yields on Government Securities
One of those times when Govt T-Bills are yielding more than most 1-year fixed deposit rates of banks...
16 Jun 2022

Varsity Bytes
Starting a new playlist on Zerodha Varsity's Youtube channel
13 Jun 2022

Less leverage has helped Indian markets outperform global markets
The silver lining for India in the current global meltdown is that we may continue to do better than other markets on a relative basis because of the low levels of leverage in our capital markets...
11 Jun 2022

Government taxes on Crypto could have been blessing in disguise
I think many Indian crypto investors accidentally got lucky due to TDS & Tax on Crypto announcement this budget in Feb. If not, many could have potentially been trapped trying to buy the dip & then averaging down...
09 Jun 2022

Indian markets are much better than the US markets
We constantly look to the west (US) for everything, but the west has to look to India when it comes to markets. Here are a few reasons why...
07 Jun 2022

Console portfolio visualization
We're all searching for stocks that always go up. Looking at charts of winners is easy, but picking such stocks is tough...
01 Jun 2022

Spending on own brand keyword ads
The easiest way for startups & businesses to burn is by advertising on their own brand keywords...
30 May 2022

Wrong estimates of trading activity, market size and market share
Even to this day, a lot of people misconstrue the turnover numbers declared by the exchanges...
25 May 2022

The idea behind Rainmatter Foundation
Rainmatter Foundation started with the question of what's the point of all this success if we don't have a planet to live on?...
19 May 2022

How large is the Indian market for B2C tech businesses and fintechs by revenue potential?
How large is the Indian market for B2C tech businesses in terms of users who can generate revenue?...