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10 Jul 2024

Crypto platforms flaunting rules
On one side, SEBI is working on restricting F&O, but on the other side, this crypto F&O ad is on the front page of ET...
02 Jul 2024

SEBI’s “true to label” circular
SEBI issued a new circular mandating all market infrastructure institutions, like stock exchanges, to be "true to the label" in how they levy charges...
28 Jun 2024

Rise in options trading and the regulatory risks
Kal Ho Na Ho is a good way to put it...
26 Jun 2024
25 Jun 2024

Rainmatter investment in Solinas
This is how we get our drinking water...
24 Jun 2024
18 Jun 2024

The Rainmatter Health story
All this started with...
14 Jun 2024

US Markets Shift to T+1 Settlement
Two years after the Indian markets did...
11 Jun 2024

Zerodha's growing AUM and investor profits
Equity investors at Zerodha have...
07 Jun 2024
05 Jun 2024

Election day activity on Kite
Activity today on Kite...
30 May 2024

Introducing instant withdrawals
One of our to-dos was to allow instant withdrawals. By instant, I mean instant...
28 May 2024
27 May 2024

Introducing Varsity Live

If you want to learn anything about trading, investing, and personal finance, I don't think there's a better place than Varsity...
25 May 2024

SEBI circular on sharing realtime price data with third parties
Sebi's circular essentially means that it ends all platforms...
22 May 2024

Will low volatility persist?
Except for the COVID bump...
21 May 2024

Why Zerodha doesn't advertise
Every fourth ad is that of a brokerage firm...
17 May 2024

Intraday equity trading in India
Intraday equity is the abandoned...
14 May 2024

Introducing notes feature on Kite Web
Have you checked out...
10 May 2024

On SEBI's proposed changes to simplify DP processes
This consultation paper, if implemented...