Financial Literacy for Rural Women-A film by Zerodha Varsity

22 Dec 2023

For India to do well, people must know how to manage their money—not just in metros but in smaller towns and villages. One way to ensure people in smaller towns learn a little about money is to teach people there. People naturally share knowledge given the closer bonds there, especially among women.

So @karthikrangappa, through our education initiative, @ZerodhaVarsity ran a two-day workshop in a small town called Chikkodi near the Karnataka-Mahrashtra border in association with Pankh India and Svatah.

The two-day workshop aimed to create a safe space for women to discuss their specific financial issues and enable them to take charge of their finances.

Their goals were simple: saving for children’s education, weddings, and their future. They left the workshop with a glimmer of hope in their eyes and a sense of confidence that they could now make better financial decisions.

We intend to turn our learning and everything we used for training into a playbook that others can replicate elsewhere, either on their own or by collaborating with us.

Link to the full video.

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