Get fit challenge at Zerodha

28 Aug 2021

Post the first lockdown, like everywhere, our team Zerodha as a whole was probably the unhealthiest ever, due to the lack of physical activity, work-life imbalance, bad diet, & more. We thought of a way to nudge the team to get healthy and the results are phenomenal.

On our internal @discourse forum, we asked everyone to set a 12-month get-healthy goal & update the progress every month, to create accountability. To increase participation, we said everyone who reaches the goal will get a 1-month salary as bonus & 1 lucky draw for Rs 10lks.

The transformation stories are super inspiring & pushing others to take action as well. We also have proof that getting healthy improves professional performance as well. Our Get Healthy program will now run permanently. Sharing to seed the idea among fellow entrepreneurs.

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