Health challenge at Zerodha

24 Sep 2022

Our latest health challenge at Zerodha is to give an option to set a daily activity goal on our fitness trackers. Anyone meeting whatever goal set on 90% of the days over next year gets 1 month’s salary as a bonus. One lucky draw of Rs 10lks as a motivation kicker.😃

It is an optional program. Min of 350 active calories/day, in any form. Given that most of us are WFH & sitting is the new smoking, turning into an epidemic. We are doing whatever to nudge everyone on the teams & hopefully, they and their families to move daily.

Since my initial weight gain after COVID, tracking activity has been the best growth hack, end up being more conscious about diet too. Slowly upped daily goal to 1000 calories. This is how my Sep looks until now; it will be interesting to see other’s who use activity trackers.

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