Importance of having a steady relationship

03 Dec 2023

Here is a counter-argument in an age of short-term relationships: A steady relationship is underrated. Not having a volatile personal life makes life better. It also improves the odds of doing well personally and professionally.

We humans are social creatures, and we are hardwired to seek partners. But I don’t think a perfect partner exists. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and relationships are about compromises. Having said that, sometimes people aren’t compatible, and in such cases, ending the relationship makes sense. Everything else needs a lot of work but has a significant long-term upside.

Seema and I met while working night shifts at Ranjan Pai’s call centre called Dial M (Manipal group) back in 2002. It has been 20+ years of ups and downs, and the relationship has been crucial for whatever personal and professional success I have had.

Thanks, @SharmaShradha, for nudging us to talk about all of this, especially after everything Seema has gone through in the last couple of years post-cancer.

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