Indian cities weren't built to handle their current population

09 Sep 2022

Most large Indian cities weren’t built in a way to handle as many people living in them today. Disasters are bound to continue. The only real solution is to have many smaller cities with their own economies. Over 50% of our team now live there; a silver lining from Covid. If companies can afford to have teams work remotely or through small satellite offices, I think they should nudge teams to work out of small towns & cities. This way, the company can play a part in problem-solving. Moving to another large city will only be a temporary fix.

The quality of life can go up significantly, with more bang for the buck, more savings, lesser time in traffic, better work-life balance, & more. This isn’t just a hypothesis anymore; we now have enough data from our team, many of whom have moved to Mysuru & Belgavi. The best part is if these people consume locally, it can also help in terms of climate change issues & creation of livelihood, probably the two biggest problems we are facing as a nation. Otherwise, money keeps circulating in the large cities, enticing everyone to migrate.

This is what we are chasing through our foundation, Rainmatter Org, backing organisations working on helping smaller towns and villages to be self-sustainable, help create livelihoods and more.

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