Introducing Fittr

09 Jan 2024

When a popular coffee chain started displaying that their large milkshake had a whopping 1000 calories, I thought the sales would drop off a cliff, but it didn’t budge. This is maybe an indication of a low understanding of things that can affect people’s health.

Through Rainmatter Health, we have been looking to support people helping Indians make healthier choices. We are super excited to partner with FITTR as they attempt to solve this challenge from multiple angles:

  1. Making both fitness and nutrition part of the solution.
  2. Using the successful transformation stories to inspire and nudge others to make lifestyle changes.
  3. Leveraging their Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS) fitness and nutrition certifications to certify coaches who can create awareness at scale.

The best thing about Fittr is that their entire core team walks the talk. The first time we met JC and his team, Venu and I did a bunch of push-ups to look a little pumped before the meet. 😬

And yeah, on the calorie bit. Having just 500 additional calories over the above ~2000 calories that most of us need daily can lead to a ~1 kg fat increase in weight in 10 days.

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