Introducing Timeline and Stock Insights by Tijori Finance

12 Feb 2024

We just introduced two new cool features on Zerodhaonline Console: Timeline and Stock Insights, both powered by Tijori.


If you invest in stocks, tracking all the events that can affect your investments and developments in one place is hard. You’ll have to switch between multiple websites and apps to figure out what happened. This is where the Timeline comes in.

Think of your Timeline on Console as a social media feed, but only with updates about the stocks in your portfolio. You can see updates about earnings, corporate actions, insider trades, market share updates, forensic insights and a lot more.

Stocks Insights

Stocks Insights is a widget that gives you a quick fundamental snapshot of the stocks you hold on the Console holdings page itself. You can see price performance with a benchmark comparison, key financial ratios, peer comparisons and other insights.

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