Making insurance simple

17 Feb 2022

Insurance unfortunately needs to be hard sold today. The issue is that most don’t understand why they need insurance. Even if they do, it’s tough to find unbiased advice. There’s just too much choice, complexity, mis-selling, & not to mention spam. Scares away most people.

Even at home, dad has bought a lot of horrible policies as investments vs insurance over the years. We have always wanted to do something about this problem. We knew technology alone isn’t the answer. You need a human with the right incentives & no conflicts on the other side.

When the boys at Finshots, pitched the idea of solving for it through Ditto. It was one of those neki aur puch puch moment for us.😬Our bet is that if you can educate folks about why insurance, and guide them, sales will happen on their own & organically.

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