A trading algo is as good as the person that wrote it

14 Oct 2021

I keep hearing often that algo traders are super profitable, which by the way isn’t true. While an algo doesn’t have emotions, it is only as good as the person who wrote it or controls (start & stop) it—the same person who’s riddled with fear and greed.

Every algo like any trader, strategy or stock, has ups & downs. Just like impatient discretionary traders constantly try to time entry & exit, getting in late & out early, trade against trends, the same happens with algo traders trying to constantly find the best algo as well.

There is “no easy” way to consistently generate profits by trading—be it discretionary, following “experts” or algos. The way to increase the odds of winning is by keeping fear & greed in check. For most people, trading only with money they can afford to lose is the way to go.

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