The pandemic has shown us it's the right time to move away from cities

24 Apr 2021

While we all work together to figure out what we can do to help in the current situation, I think the only long-term fix is for as many of us to move away from large cities. This is the answer to many of India’s problems. And now is probably the right time to work towards it.

Large cities are choking & will continue to break down every time we’re tested, COVID today, could be water shortages, pollution, floods, etc. Moving to smaller towns & villages will also create livelihoods there & reduce carbon footprint. Also a much better quality of life.

The silver lining in these trying times is that people are more open than ever to move out of large cities. These results is from the latest survey we just had with our team at Zerodha.

We are in the process of transitioning as many people as possible to permanent WFH so that we can enable this move out of large cities for those who haven’t, & make it permanent for those who have already moved.

We are also now hiring for permanent WFH positions for our Customer support team & soon for other teams as well. I’m hoping that other businesses who can, will also move whatever jobs possible to permanent WFH and nudge their teams to make this transition.

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