No amount of money can buy good health. A few transformational stories from my life

07 Apr 2023

Today is World Health Day. Not that we need a day to remind us, but no amount of money can buy good health. Being healthy needn’t be complicated; small lifestyle changes can make a huge difference.

I’m highlighting some people who’ve transformed with such changes in my life.

Venu is the man behind all operations & compliance at Zerodha. From chubby to the hottest compliance head in the world. ;)

Karthik Rangappa the man behind Varsity. Slow, steady change over the last seven years. Full Idris Elba of JP Nagar 4th phase now.

Vishnu S the one-man army behind Coin Transformed with small changes like eating primarily at home vs eating out and getting some physical activity daily.

Dilip Kumar is helping us with Rainmatter Health He’s also trying to bring health conversations into the mainstream through his podcast He now runs a half-marathon in 1 hour, and 22 minutes. 😬

Adnan Adeeb the man behind Devil’s Circuit, one of the few in the Indian health startup world who walks the talk. At 51, he can do more than most folks decades younger than him.

Have to add my wife Seema to this list, even though she has always been health conscious. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation. She remained in top shape through the ordeal. Her story.

Good health is a foundational aspect of overall financial wellness.

It will be nice to have others share inspirational stories of regular folks who made the change to be a better version of themselves. It will be a good way to celebrate World health day.

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