Nudging users to help them avoid mistakes

09 Jun 2021

Most people don’t spend time learning trading or forget what they’ve learnt when placing an order. The order placement step is also when users pay maximum attention. With “Nudge” we are now able to leverage that fraction of a second to educate users & help them avoid mistakes.

This Nudge on DHFL warning customers that the investment may go to 0 discouraged over 50% of our users from taking a trade. Similarly, it was 70% for Lakshmi Vilas Bank when its price was spiralling down to 0 after a similar restructuring process.

Penny stock volumes as a % of our overall equity volumes have dropped by ~60% after Nudge alerts last year. And post TOTP nudge for dubious stocks & illiquid options, the frauds by sending fake SMS and setting up phishing websites are almost zero now.

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