The future of Zerodha and competition

31 Oct 2021

When you’re candid in interviews, you run the risk of being quoted out of context with misleading headlines. One such headline was about the future of Zerodha, of us getting beaten by competition in 5 years. This was getting shared and a few people asked me about it.

I think when running a business or even trading, the odds of succeeding are much higher if you have made peace with the worst possible outcome. This has been one of my biggest life lessons. This helps me remain stoic and rational during volatility.

But this doesn’t mean we aren’t competitive. We get up every day working to be better knowing that it will help our customers and maybe also help put distance on the competition. Most people think being aggressive & loud is being competitive, it isn’t.

This philosophy of underselling & overdelivering to your team, customers and everyone else, including yourself, is also a way to build a good business. You don’t have to keep saying you are or will be big & the best to be one, especially when none of this is in your control.

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