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23 Nov 2020

Why Zerodha with Nithin
Me answering the most frequently asked question aroung why Zerodha is the broker for you.
13 Nov 2020

Downside of working from home
This year has been ridiculous, I now have "spending time with my 5-year-old son" scheduled on my calendar. WTF! I was wondering if I was the only insane one until ...
10 Nov 2020

Forbes cover
Almost unreal that we could represent Zerodha on the cover of Forbes. Some personal lessons from the many highs & many lows in this 20-year journey working, trading, trying to ...
07 Nov 2020

The real hockey stick growth worth chasing
"The real hockey curve growth we all need to be chasing - seeds (maybe not companies)". @zenx said while handing over these 50 odd seeds. Seeds that can ...
28 Oct 2020

Does technical analysis work?
Am often asked if Technical Analysis actually works. Firstly, there's nothing that just "works" in trading. But TA works well for retail as it doesn't let you trade against the ...
26 Oct 2020
26 Oct 2020

Nudging people towards doing the right things
The penny stock Nudge introduced in March on Kite has helped us reduce penny stock trading volume significantly. It has given us hope that the bunch of new nudges we ...
25 Oct 2020

The best way of investing in gold
Seems like everyone is selling digital gold. On digital gold, you lose 3% as GST, upto 2% in commissions, & a spread >5% (buy-sell difference). If you are looking at ...
21 Oct 2020

Sitting on a profitable trade is harder than sitting on a loss making trade
Contrary to what most people think, it is much tougher to sit on a profitable trade vs loss-making. All decent traders have a defined stop to handle losing trades. When ...
18 Oct 2020

Evolution of the Indian stock broking industry since the Harshad Mehta scam - Scam92 TV Show
#Scam1992TheHarshadMehtaStory - a thread on everything that has changed since then in the world of Indian stockbroking. Today the settlement cycle is 2 days & SEBI is hinting at a ...
11 Oct 2020

Generalists vs specialists
My view on Generalist vs Specialist? Being a jack of all trades helps you grow intellectually & increases odds of finding what you love. But as a business, I think ...
08 Oct 2020

Sense of time post-COVID
Have been wondering why the post-COVID world seems more Busy-ness than Business. This article explains why beautifully - "We have more time for leisure than we did fifty years ago. ...
17 Sep 2020

Nikhil and Me on SNFConversations
They say it is tough to be in business with family. @kamath_nikhil & I have been doing stuff together forever, never a fight & couldn't have had a ...
17 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020

ESOP buyback - one of the highlights of the Zerodha journey
We just provided liquidity to everyone on the team through an ESOP buyback. My most satisfying day as CEO of @zerodhaonline .
12 Sep 2020

Has there been a surge in investors from tier 2 and 3 cities?
The reason for the noise around markets growing in tier 2/3 cities is because everyone tracks users based on address proof. Lot of people migrate from small towns to cities ...
10 Sep 2020

On Zerodha IPO
Thanks for the love @rajeshsawhney , our edge as a business is the agility, it helps us compete against those with deep pockets. IPO invariably will mean losing some of that ...
25 Aug 2020

The Success Story Of Zerodha's SMART Business Journey ft. Nithin Kamath | The Ranveer Show
An interaction with Ranveer from Beer Biceps talking about building Zerodha, how to do business, and life.
07 Aug 2020

Bootstrapping vs Funding – a tax arbitrage
Promoters of businesses to professional investors, now chase “growth” and increase valuations to sell their stake in the business instead of trying to earn profits and taking the earnings out ...
29 Jul 2020