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21 Mar 2021

a career highpoint
Dad's first time on screen. Seeing him so proud is a career highpoint...
19 Mar 2021

CNBC India business leader award
CNBC India business leader awards...
16 Mar 2021

A nudge to stop people from losing money in Rights Entitlements
Many retail investors buy Rights Entitlements (REs) without knowing that the value of REs will be zero if they don't apply...
15 Mar 2021

My view on reduction of intraday leverages
My view on the reduction of intraday leverages is that there will be near-term pain (for Zerodha too). We'll see a drop in trading volumes and an increase in impact cost...
11 Mar 2021

Trading with other people’s money
Managing other people's money in ways that aren't allowed leads to the most complaints with the regulators. There are ways to do it legally, and those that can incur significant penalties. Here's all that you need to know about managing money.
08 Mar 2021

Enabling women to start making financial decisions
This video from Paytm captures what we need to do most as a country...
07 Mar 2021

Making taxes easy with Vishvajit Sonagara of Quicko
A misconception among traders is that you need to file ITR only if you make a profit. Many also don't file since it's quite complex, but...
03 Mar 2021

Spending on brand name keywords
Startups and small businesses end up spending a lot of money wastefully on Google ads on their brand name keywords. Hopefully, the recent Delhi HC order prohibiting brands from doing this might set a precedent...
19 Feb 2021

Yearly demat account growth for the last 20 years
The last boom & bust was in 2007-08, took 10 yrs to get back to those numbers...
18 Feb 2021

How big was Jan 2021 for the broking industry?
Putting the current new investor growth in context...
17 Feb 2021

Being at the right place at right time and surviving
Zerodha probably started when I started trading 15 years before 2010...
16 Feb 2021

Podcast - Nikhil Kamath on The Ranveer Show
Nikhil Kamath on his journey so far...
10 Feb 2021

The Gamestop saga and lessons for retail investors
In the Gamestop saga, the media has loved telling the story of how Retail made a lot of money from Hedge funds. The reality is entirely different, almost everyone apart from retail has probably made money or benefited from this...
09 Feb 2021

Rising financial awareness among Indians
Financial awareness about the importance of saving and investing in India is increasing at the fastest rate ever, especially among millennials...
02 Feb 2021

Free & open-source software (FOSS) — one of the reasons behind Zerodha's success
Free & open-source software (FOSS) is the main reason for the success of Zerodha as K writes.
28 Jan 2021

Shorting and Indian Capital Markets
Can retail traders are cause a “short squeeze” in India like they did in stocks like GameStop and AMC entertainment in the US? It cannot, and I explain why in this post. Join the discussion on Trading Q&A.
22 Jan 2021

Beyond misleading trading turnover numbers — the actual size of Indian capital markets?
Looking at trading turnover to estimate capital market size is misleading. Most trades are leveraged & ideally we should look at the margins being traded, not the trade value...
07 Jan 2021
01 Jan 2021

The fallacy of predictions
Even after all my years of experience, I couldn't have been more wrong in predicting the direction of our business in 2020. These expert predictions should be taken with a ...
28 Dec 2020

Is trading the markets gambling?
Is trading the markets gambling? I get asked often. My answer is that yes, you can gamble when trading, just like you can gamble with everything else in life.