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07 Sep 2022

RBI alert list of CFD and Binary trading platforms
RBI just published a list of such unauthorized trading platforms, warning Indians that trading on these platforms can be prosecuted under the FEMA act...
06 Sep 2022

SEBI prohibits brokers from associating with unregulated algo trading platforms
A few thoughts on the Indian broking industry and updates about Zerodha as we turn 12 years old...
30 Aug 2022

Few thoughts on Indian markets
People keep asking about my views on the markets. I've been at it for ~25 years & I don't have a clue...
30 Aug 2022

Introducing Varsity Certified
The best time to learn is before people learn the wrong things...
26 Aug 2022

We just got to 1 crore customers
We at Zerodha just got to 1 crore customers.
25 Aug 2022

Thoughts on why digital wealth management platforms haven't scaled
In offline wealth management, overselling is par for the course...
16 Aug 2022

12 years of Zerodha
A few thoughts on the Indian broking industry and updates about Zerodha as we turn 12 years old...
08 Aug 2022

Word of mouth is more valuable than anything paid
Word of mouth is more valuable than anything paid...
02 Aug 2022

On hacking incidents at Zerodha and measures we're taking
There has been some noise about the hacking incidents at Zerodha. Here is some data...
28 Jul 2022

Things to keep in mind when investing in stocks that have seen big price drops
Every time the prices of retail favorite stocks fall, the number of investors who buy the stock goes up dramatically. Investing is risky & here are some important things retail investors should keep in mind...
26 Jul 2022

Zerodha tax reports
Our Tax P&L report has everything to file your ITR—capital gains, speculative & business income, turnover reports, & more...
22 Jul 2022

Cybercrime risks when trading
Thanks to Anil Singhvi and Zee Business for highlighting the cybercrime risks when trading the markets. Cybercrime has gone up across banking to broking to social media...
21 Jul 2022

A little more forest everywhere
Through Rainmatter Organisation, we support organizations working on climate change issues. But we understand that the biggest impact can be made by individuals...
14 Jul 2022

India FOSS - Fireside chat with Rudra Saraswat: 12 year old linux dev
When I was 12 years old, I was climbing trees. Talk about evolution...
12 Jul 2022

Demat accounts in India
Trend in demat account openings
11 Jul 2022

Beware of phishing attacks
Just like you don't share your bank logins, you shouldn't share your trading account logins as well...
08 Jul 2022

Comparing the volatility of Indian and US markets
There was a time when if US markets caught a cold, we'd catch a fever. But since 2010, volatility wise, we've been much better compared to the US...
06 Jul 2022

Follow up on thoughts on real estate performance
The question to ask when investing in real estate - Is the property yield greater than inflation?...
04 Jul 2022

Thoughts on real estate performance
At today's prices, real estate is unlikely to beat inflation + interest costs in the long run...
30 Jun 2022

MAU in Indian capital markets
Monthly active users(MAU) on Indian capital markets from the 2022 RBI financial stability report...