Partnership with Organic Mandya

03 Sep 2021

Our focus at Rainmatter foundation is to help create green jobs, livelihoods & help preserve the environment using sustainable agri practices. In that journey, we’re super delighted to join Madhu Chandan & Organic Mandya on their mission to change farming & improve lives of farmers.

Organic Mandya has helped create kitchen gardens with fruit tree saplings in 5,000+ homes. Through Sunday Santhes in Mandya, they’re creating direct farmer to consumer relationships.

They are also providing free training at Organic Mandya farms to 500-600 people a month to help them create livelihoods from small farms using organic farming methods.

There’s an interesting backstory here too. On the same day, we first met Madhu we also got an email from Kunal Shah saying the $200k we had invested in CRED, irst round was now worth 20 timesRocket asking if we wanted any exit.

Not that we had to sell stake (partially) in CRED to invest in OM. But this was a good opportunity to put it out there that even if a fraction of love that goes to startups went towards social enterprises solving real-life problems, we can have more inclusive growth in India.

The quick returns on CRED were quite crazy, felt unreal like CRED Coins. I even jokingly mentioned to Kunal that us investing in Organic Mandya is probably the best use of CRED Coins so far.

You’d be surprised at how much impact a small group of dedicated people and patient capital focused on solving real-life problems can have to create inclusive growth in India.

Like us, Sameer and others on Rainmatter foundation, if you like what the folks at Organic Mandya are doing and want to make a difference in your own little way, check out their Sweat Donation program.

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