Podcast with vasanth, Rohan and Anugrah of smallcase.

26 Jul 2021

It was in 2016 when Vasanth, Anugrah, and Rohan pitched smallcase. We were quickly sold on their idea of getting users to invest in diversified baskets of stocks or ideas they understood vs single stocks, which reduced their risk.

We had just opened up Kite APIs. The idea was to enable startups to build platforms that could grow the shallow Indian capital market ecosystem.

Today, they’ve built an amazing ecosystem of products. My favorites - Broker Gateway (don’t know how they managed this), Publisher for advisors, and Tickertapein. We got them all together for the first time to talk about their journey on the Rainmatterin Podcast.

Btw, Vasanth not my brother Kamath and the smallcase team helped us validate our idea of Broking as a service using Kite connect APIs. This is how Rainmatterin came into existence.

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