Rrvamped Z-Connect blog

05 Mar 2024

We recently redesigned Z-Connect, our blog that was started in 2012. It reminded me of how and why we started it. When we started Zerodha, we couldn’t afford to spend money on advertising. So, we figured that sharing everything we knew about trading, investing, and the capital markets openly was a better way to reach new customers.

At that point, it was probably one of a handful of finance blogs. Over the years, we’ve published hundreds of blog posts. In a way, the archives tell you the history of Indian markets and how they have changed since 2012. 🙂

The new Z-Connect will be home to:

  1. All business and product updates at Zerodha.
  2. @ZerodhaVarsity blog, where @karthikrangappa and other guest writers write about markets.
  3. Subtext is a new blog where we write in-depth articles about investing, markets, and the economy.

We’ll also start sending a crisp weekly digest with links to the best articles we publish on Z-Connect.

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