Social stock exchange can making investing for the future mainstream

20 Sep 2022

The second-biggest problem for the planet outside climate change is the concentration of wealth unless it helps society. Now that SEBI has put a framework on the Social stock exchange (SSE), we are excited to see how we can nudge the top 5% of India to think of the bottom 80%.

For anybody who wants to invest in the future, the biggest challenge is the trust deficit. Non-profits that list on the SSE have to adhere to regulations & make disclosures like listed companies. This may finally bridge the trust gap & make investing for the future mainstream.

As our team at Rainmatter Foundation says, “Investing in future”, & not charity, giving back, aid, etc., because that is what it is. Wealth inequality will most likely eventually break the society if folks where wealth is concentrated, don’t do enough.

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