The basics you need to know when buying health and life insurance

22 Feb 2024

Insurance is the biggest aspect of personal finance that the vast majority of Indians struggle with. One big reason is a lack of awareness about insurance, rampant misselling complexity, spam, etc.

Health insurance and life insurance (term insurance) are the only two products most people need. But the products that are sold the most are ULIPs and other traditional products that promise both insurance and investments but offer the worst of both worlds, not to mention the ridiculous commissions.

To make insurance simple for you, we recently hosted an AMA with @ShrehithK, co-founder of @joinditto. As he beautifully put it:

“Buying life insurance is the kindest gesture you can offer to your dependents and family because when you ask most people what’s the most important thing in life, they say family yet most of them won’t have term insurance. "

“Insurance helps you deal with black swan events—things you don’t see coming.”

The AMA has answers to even the most basic questions, like: Will smokers get insurance?, is corporate insurance sufficient?, and more.

Link to the AMA.

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