The downsides of social media

14 Sep 2023

This desire to build large social media followings can be a slippery slope.

People are generally curious about successful & famous people, so it’s easier for celebs from movies, sports, etc., maybe even some businessmen 😀, to build a social media presence quickly.

For everyone else, there is always an incentive to be loud, controversial or oversell because that’s what gets the attention. The exception to this is people who write and share high-quality things, but this is very hard.

It’s hard not to be spotted when you oversell in a digital world, so we will likely continue seeing influencer blowups that have picked up in the recent past.

When the goal is to be popular on social media, even those who are otherwise successful in their professional lives may feel otherwise. The constant need for dopamine hits from likes and shares will trigger you to post things even when there is nothing to share. If the post doesn’t get activity, you won’t feel good because we’re social animals, and we consciously or subconsciously compare ourselves to others all the time. 😀

Being on social media and fighting all these urges and triggers is one of the most challenging things I have done 😬 What seems to be helping me is to have Bhuvan with the power to kill all my posts and try not to go in the rabbit hole of tracking comments and not engage with anyone online. Also, having a time limit of 30 minutes per day and avoiding consuming the content the social media platform algorithms push stops me from that default reaction of scrolling down to see more.

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