The idea behind Rainmatter Foundation

25 May 2022

Rainmatter Foundation started with the question of what’s the point of all this success if we don’t have a planet to live on?

Despite the success of Zerodha, we’re still only helping ~ 2-3% of Indians. At the same time, our planet is facing an existential threat due to climate change. So we asked ourselves—what if we could use our learnings & experiences from building Zerodha to help make a difference.

We figured we could use the resources that we have, thanks to the success of Zerodha and put them to good use. We created a $100 million fund to support people and organizations that are working to make our world a better place, a little bit at a time.

We started supporting projects across wildlife conservation, waste management, clean energy, natural farming, coastal ecosystem, and afforestation, among others. So far, we have supported 30 non-profits, 11 for-profit investments, and 1 fellowship.

Unlike other funds, we aren’t chasing returns or ROIs. Our north star is to help all the amazing teams that we get to interact with to create an impact, period. All the returns that will be generated will be ploughed back into the fund to support more people.

We see our role as going beyond funding to enable folks to work together as communities—it takes a village to protect our environment, nurture biodiversity & enable sustainable livelihoods. These are all uphill challenges in need of combined & collective efforts.

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