The importance of strength training for Indians

22 May 2023

Only about 50 lakhs or 0.3% of Indians go to a gym. Strength training is integral to increasing healthspan & we need more to focus on this. There is enough research to prove that exercise delays death & prevents cognitive & physical decline better than any other intervention.

Most Indians think that you don’t need strength training as you age. The truth is strength training becomes even more critical as we get older, especially after our 40s.

The stronger we are, the more active we can be when we are older.

Strength training is even more essential for women.

Inactivity and bad nutrition can deplete bone mass at 1% per year after age 40 across men and women.

Women are more susceptible to bone density loss than men, so strength training is important.

You don’t need a gym for Strength training, but it does help with motivation if you can get there.😃

Yoga, or a simple free-hand exercise routine of push-ups, pull-ups, squats, & crunches are enough. The idea is to keep increasing the intensity to increase & retain strength.

It is heartening to see open-air gyms coming up in public parks in Bengaluru. There is no better way to seed the idea of exercising among people, especially those that are intimidated by gyms or can’t afford it.

An open-air gym at every park in India will be 💪😬

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