The many benfits of hemp

22 Apr 2023

Hemp belongs to the Cannabis sativa family—the same as marijuana. They look similar, but hemp is versatile and has multiple uses, including as a superfood. It’s also good for the planet. Unlike its notorious cousin, hemp doesn’t get you high 😬. Partly why it isn’t popular.

Because they look alike and come from the same family, hemp is often mistaken for marijuana, which is one reason why it isn’t mainstream.

I learned about hemp when evaluating a startup working on hemp protein. We’re now convinced about allocating capital to startups working on hemp, but we’re also seeking regulatory clarity. This discussion in the Rainmatter Foundation Grove

FSSAI has approved hemp seeds for human consumption, but the notorious cousin and the tainted family are bound to create issues. Some states, like Uttarakhand, are working on a policy on hemp. It will be awesome to get input from anyone who has spent time on this.

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