Two years of Rainmatter Foundation

21 Feb 2023

It’s 2 years since we started giving back through Rainmatter Foundation with Sameer leading it. We started with a question: What’s the point of wealth, if we can’t use it to make a difference to society. Fast-forward 2 years, I have more questions than answers.

  1. First lesson was that it isn’t giving back. We think of it as giving forward or investing in our collective future. Just reframing what we are attempting to do has given us more clarity

  2. Decision making under uncertainty is hard, especially with climate-focused initiatives

  3. Being mindful about the 2nd order effects of what we do. What has helped is not having lofty goals but rather being open to experimenting, accept that outcomes can’t be controlled, & sharing our learnings. Almost exactly like how we have built Zerodha

The plan next year, among everything else, is to share more in terms of our learnings, stories to inspire, & create playbooks that can help others who are thinking of giving forward jumpstart.

A summary our last two years by Marisha Thakur.

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