Why we launched verified P&l on Console

30 Aug 2023

We launched verified P&L at Zerodha to bring accountability, given all the fake P&L screenshots and videos shared on social media to peddle courses, advisory, trading accounts, & other financial products.

The idea was that if someone shared a screenshot or video of the P&L, the audience could demand a verified P&L link. Since the P&L is served directly from our side, there is no way to tamper with it.

By the way, a screenshot or video of the verified P&L page can still be tampered with, but there is no way to tamper with what appears when you click on the verified P&L link.

Thanks to Verified by Sensibull, which validated any single-day P&L and then our verified P&L feature, there has been a drastic drop in the number of people sharing screenshots and videos on social media platforms. So, it has worked as intended. Hopefully, other brokers will also offer a similar service to bring accountability whenever someone makes P&L claims.

One issue we have spotted with the verified P&L page is that people are cherry-picking dates to show when they were profitable. We have now disabled the custom date range option, and anyone sharing verified P&L can select the last 30, 60, 90, 180, or 360 days.

To know more, check out the support article for Verified P&L on our website.

Update: Aug 31, 2023

We are one of the few brokers that allow customers to enter a buy price for stocks transferred from other brokers to Zerodha for P&L and analytics. Someone pointed out that people can potentially game verified P&L by entering a lower buy price for transferred stock and showing higher equity profits in verified P&L.

So starting today, we have stopped showing the P&L for transferred stocks on the verified P&L page. This is because there’s no way for us to verify if the buy price entered by the customer is accurate.

This doesn’t matter for F&O or intraday equity positions because they cannot be transferred between brokers and we will have both buy & sell trades.

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