Zerodha turns 13

26 Sep 2023

We turned 13 on August 15th. Last year, I had made some business predictions, and I was wrong for the third year in a row😬

As someone once said, the good thing about being a pessimist is that you are either right or pleasantly surprised, and FY22–23 was the latter.

There is an investing lesson here: markets are random, and even subject matter experts can’t predict market movements. πŸ˜€

Some highlights from the post

  1. We’re trying to create more videos on trading and investing, starting with an AMA with K, Venu, Nikhil and Karthik on our YouTube channel.

  2. Our financials. Interest in markets continues to remain high, and you can see the results in numbers and activity across the broking industry.

  3. Risks. Market activity and regulatory changes are the two constant sources of risk for the broking industry. While the market sentiment is bullish, there can be a significant impact on financials if the sentiment changes.

  4. We are incredibly proud of the fact that our customers hold over Rs 3 lakh crores of securities in their demat accounts. We are happy that we are playing a role in the financialization of India.

  5. I’ve shared a small note on why we do what we do at Zerodha.

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