18 Feb 2021

How big was Jan 2021 for the broking industry?
Putting the current new investor growth in context...
17 Feb 2021

Being at the right place at right time and surviving
Zerodha probably started when I started trading 15 years before 2010...
02 Feb 2021

Free & open-source software (FOSS) — one of the reasons behind Zerodha's success
Free & open-source software (FOSS) is the main reason for the success of Zerodha as K writes.
01 Jan 2021

The fallacy of predictions
Even after all my years of experience, I couldn't have been more wrong in predicting the direction of our business in 2020. These expert predictions should be taken with a ...
24 Dec 2020
23 Dec 2020

Total addressable market for brokers
Since broking is hot post-COVID, inspite of all the spike in trading volumes and activtity, the total addressable market is just ~1.5 million users. I had shared this pre-Covid. Broking ...
13 Dec 2020

Why advertising doesn't work
This is a great listen from Freakonomics on whether advertising works. The reason we could bootstrap was that we never spent on ads. With no ads, a business is forced ...
28 Nov 2020

The flipside of effecient companies
The flip side of tech-first businesses like ours is that we don't create as many jobs. We are around the same number of employees today at 3.8mn clients as we ...
10 Nov 2020

Forbes cover
Almost unreal that we could represent Zerodha on the cover of Forbes. Some personal lessons from the many highs & many lows in this 20-year journey working, trading, trying to ...
26 Oct 2020
17 Sep 2020

Nikhil and Me on SNFConversations
They say it is tough to be in business with family. @kamath_nikhil & I have been doing stuff together forever, never a fight & couldn't have had a ...
15 Sep 2020

ESOP buyback - one of the highlights of the Zerodha journey
We just provided liquidity to everyone on the team through an ESOP buyback. My most satisfying day as CEO of @zerodhaonline .
12 Sep 2020

Has there been a surge in investors from tier 2 and 3 cities?
The reason for the noise around markets growing in tier 2/3 cities is because everyone tracks users based on address proof. Lot of people migrate from small towns to cities ...
10 Sep 2020

On Zerodha IPO
Thanks for the love @rajeshsawhney , our edge as a business is the agility, it helps us compete against those with deep pockets. IPO invariably will mean losing some of that ...
25 Aug 2020

The Success Story Of Zerodha's SMART Business Journey ft. Nithin Kamath | The Ranveer Show
An interaction with Ranveer from Beer Biceps talking about building Zerodha, how to do business, and life.
07 Aug 2020

Bootstrapping vs Funding – a tax arbitrage
Promoters of businesses to professional investors, now chase “growth” and increase valuations to sell their stake in the business instead of trying to earn profits and taking the earnings out ...
29 Jul 2020
18 Jul 2020

Stock trading games & copy trading platforms in India?
My thoughts on copy-trading and social trading platforms and why they aren't feasible in India right now.
26 Jun 2020

The Success Story Of Zerodha's SMART Business Journey ft. Nithin Kamath | The Ranveer Show
Some learnings from my interactions with thousands of traders over the years and my own successes and failures.
02 Jun 2020