11 Mar 2022

Importance of health insurance and regular health checkups
Have been getting a lot of questions on selecting health insurance & regular health checkups...
08 Mar 2022

My wife Seema's cancer journey
Seema, my wife, was diagnosed with breast cancer last Nov. She decided to share her journey & learnings till now to create awareness...
10 Feb 2022

The benchmark for success
Maybe it has nothing to do with being founders, & it's just human nature that absolute success isn’t as satisfying as relative success...
30 Dec 2021

Importance of sleep on overall health & well-being
not nearly enough is spoken about the importance of sleep on overall health & well-being...
06 Dec 2021

A must watch interview of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
The common thing among successful traders & entrepreneurs is to always think in terms of risk to reward...
18 Oct 2021

Nature Shows How This All Works
Extreme events in one direction increase the odds of extreme events in the other...
11 Oct 2021

In-Principle approval for our AMC
Indian cars have gotten a lot better...
12 Aug 2021

Financial freedom.
Financial freedom isn’t X amount. Luxuries soon become necessities, X constantly grows....
23 Jul 2021

My favorite song
I got asked what my favourite song of all time was. So I decided to sing & share it...
11 May 2021

Helping people take care of mental health during
While we figure ways to help those directly affected by Corona, I think it is also super important that all of us take care of ourselves...
07 Apr 2021

Why you shouldn't raise money just because you can
Right now, is probably the stupidest time for fintech firms like @zerodhaonline to be raising money. It is quite crazy the number of folks reaching out & the different deals. We might regret it in the future, but we are not raising & here are the counterintuitive reasons why.
21 Mar 2021

a career highpoint
Dad's first time on screen. Seeing him so proud is a career highpoint...
28 Dec 2020

Is trading the markets gambling?
Is trading the markets gambling? I get asked often. My answer is that yes, you can gamble when trading, just like you can gamble with everything else in life.
13 Nov 2020

Downside of working from home
This year has been ridiculous, I now have "spending time with my 5-year-old son" scheduled on my calendar. WTF! I was wondering if I was the only insane one until ...
07 Nov 2020

The real hockey stick growth worth chasing
"The real hockey curve growth we all need to be chasing - seeds (maybe not companies)". @zenx said while handing over these 50 odd seeds. Seeds that can ...
26 Oct 2020
11 Oct 2020

Generalists vs specialists
My view on Generalist vs Specialist? Being a jack of all trades helps you grow intellectually & increases odds of finding what you love. But as a business, I think ...
08 Oct 2020

Sense of time post-COVID
Have been wondering why the post-COVID world seems more Busy-ness than Business. This article explains why beautifully - "We have more time for leisure than we did fifty years ago. ...
17 Sep 2020

Nikhil and Me on SNFConversations
They say it is tough to be in business with family. @kamath_nikhil & I have been doing stuff together forever, never a fight & couldn't have had a ...
25 Aug 2020

The Success Story Of Zerodha's SMART Business Journey ft. Nithin Kamath | The Ranveer Show
An interaction with Ranveer from Beer Biceps talking about building Zerodha, how to do business, and life.