12 Jul 2022

Demat accounts in India
Trend in demat account openings
08 Jul 2022

Comparing the volatility of Indian and US markets
There was a time when if US markets caught a cold, we'd catch a fever. But since 2010, volatility wise, we've been much better compared to the US...
30 Jun 2022

MAU in Indian capital markets
Monthly active users(MAU) on Indian capital markets from the 2022 RBI financial stability report...
13 Jun 2022

Less leverage has helped Indian markets outperform global markets
The silver lining for India in the current global meltdown is that we may continue to do better than other markets on a relative basis because of the low levels of leverage in our capital markets...
11 Jun 2022

Government taxes on Crypto could have been blessing in disguise
I think many Indian crypto investors accidentally got lucky due to TDS & Tax on Crypto announcement this budget in Feb. If not, many could have potentially been trapped trying to buy the dip & then averaging down...
09 Jun 2022

Indian markets are much better than the US markets
We constantly look to the west (US) for everything, but the west has to look to India when it comes to markets. Here are a few reasons why...
16 May 2022

Stock market scams to move money illegally
A trader was lured into sharing login credentials on a telegram group by promising high returns...
01 Apr 2022

Voting on shareholder proposals at Zerodha
As a shareholder of a company, you are entitled to vote on important company decisions...
24 Mar 2022

Is fractional share investing possible in India?
Fractional investing or the ability to invest say $10 in Amazon at $3200 has been the biggest reason for stock market participation to go up in the US...
18 Feb 2022

Why our financial year start in April
So this is why our financial year starts in April and not Jan, from my 6-year-old son's history factbook...
09 Feb 2022

Can brokerage go to 0 in India?
Many people ask me if brokerage rates can go to zero like in the US...
07 Feb 2022

Impact of 1% TDS on all Crypto trades
With this 1% TDS, I think Crypto volumes in India will drop off the cliff...
03 Feb 2022

Unauthorised CFD and forex trading platforms
We had cautioned people about illegal CFD & Forex & Binary trading platforms a while back...
01 Feb 2022

My reading of crypto post the budget
The good news for crypto is that it was finally acknowledged in the budget. That doesn't mean it's legal—it will only be after the crypto bill...
17 Jan 2022

Impact of STT on traders, exchanges and brokerages
Every budget day for the last 15+ years, I've woken up hoping that STT is reduced. Hoping STT reduces this year...
15 Jan 2022

History of F&O margin requirements in India
NSE introduced F&O in 2000 & today NSE is the largest derivatives exchange in the world by volume...
13 Jan 2022

Advisory is one the biggest Indian fintech opportunity
One of the biggest Indian fintech opportunities is advisory to help Indians manage their personal finances better...
11 Jan 2022

India is addicted to gold
Over $400billion went out of India to import gold vs $600 billion+ that came in through FPI, FDI & VC. Imagine, instead of gold, some of that money was invested in Indian companies...
06 Jan 2022

Irresponsible influencers
Watching famous personalities with huge fan followings trying to trigger investors is quite disgusting..
04 Jan 2022

Why only 1% of traders make money
I'm surprised that, so many are surprised that just 1% of active traders make more than bank fixed deposits over 3 years timeframe. Active trading is like running a business, only a small % succeed...