10 Feb 2021

The Gamestop saga and lessons for retail investors
In the Gamestop saga, the media has loved telling the story of how Retail made a lot of money from Hedge funds. The reality is entirely different, almost everyone apart from retail has probably made money or benefited from this...
09 Feb 2021

Rising financial awareness among Indians
Financial awareness about the importance of saving and investing in India is increasing at the fastest rate ever, especially among millennials...
28 Jan 2021

Shorting and Indian Capital Markets
Can retail traders are cause a “short squeeze” in India like they did in stocks like GameStop and AMC entertainment in the US? It cannot, and I explain why in this post. Join the discussion on Trading Q&A.
22 Jan 2021

Beyond misleading trading turnover numbers — the actual size of Indian capital markets?
Looking at trading turnover to estimate capital market size is misleading. Most trades are leveraged & ideally we should look at the margins being traded, not the trade value...
01 Jan 2021

The fallacy of predictions
Even after all my years of experience, I couldn't have been more wrong in predicting the direction of our business in 2020. These expert predictions should be taken with a ...
24 Dec 2020
23 Dec 2020

Total addressable market for brokers
Since broking is hot post-COVID, inspite of all the spike in trading volumes and activtity, the total addressable market is just ~1.5 million users. I had shared this pre-Covid. Broking ...
17 Dec 2020

Robinhood pays $65M to settle SEC charges on payment for order flow disclosures
The Robinhood SEC settlement over order flow disclosures grabbed some headlines even in India. Since people might be wondering if this happens here, it doesn't. Unlike the US, all order ...
08 Dec 2020

Podcast: Sandeep Parekh on the evolution of the Indian market and securities regulations
This is a must-watch for those interested in the Indian securities market. @SandeepParekh we need to find a way to get you to do more of this. :)
07 Dec 2020

A product to get more Indians to save and invest
To get the next 10 crore Indians, the traditional financial product might not work. Here's what I think is needed to get these people to start saving and investing.
18 Oct 2020

Evolution of the Indian stock broking industry since the Harshad Mehta scam - Scam92 TV Show
#Scam1992TheHarshadMehtaStory - a thread on everything that has changed since then in the world of Indian stockbroking. Today the settlement cycle is 2 days & SEBI is hinting at a ...
29 Jul 2020
26 Jun 2020

What does it take to win at trading?
Learnings from interactions with thousands of traders and my own successes and failures.
29 Nov 2019
03 Oct 2019