18 Dec 2023

Wheels in motion, a short film on Rainmatter

As we near three years of working in the environment and climate action space...
01 Aug 2023

Rethinking the idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR)

The more time I spend at Rainmatter...
18 May 2023

The importance of long-term support for philanthropy in the social sector

As part of Rainmatter, I get to be in meetings & learn from...
22 Apr 2023

The many benfits of hemp

Hemp is versatile and has multiple uses...
08 Mar 2023

Meeting Bill Gates and talking about Rainmatter Foundation

Thanks for the acknowledgment Bill Gates...
21 Feb 2023

Two years of Rainmatter Foundation

It's 2 years since we started giving back through Rainmatter Foundation...
14 Feb 2023

A project to spread the health and ecological benefits of millets

We add millet (ragi) to wheat flour and...
01 Oct 2022

Elephants By The Lake

Elephants by the lake or EBTL was Rainmatter Foundation's first experiment...
20 Sep 2022

Social stock exchange can making investing for the future mainstream

The second-biggest problem for the planet outside climate change is the concentration of wealth unless it helps society...
09 Sep 2022

Indian cities weren't built to handle their current population

Most large Indian cities weren't built in a way to handle as many people living in them today...
21 Jul 2022

A little more forest everywhere

Through Rainmatter Organisation, we support organizations working on climate change issues. But we understand that the biggest impact can be made by individuals...
25 May 2022

The idea behind Rainmatter Foundation

Rainmatter Foundation started with the question of what's the point of all this success if we don't have a planet to live on?...
11 May 2022

The risk of holding crypto assets with crypto exchanges

Coinbase latest filing - Customer assets could be at risk in case of bankruptcy...
06 Apr 2022

Alternatives to plastic using seaweed

Today's Finshots talks about the 300 million tonnes of plastic the world produces every year and the irreversible damage we together cause the planet...
03 Sep 2021

Partnership with Organic Mandya

Our focus at Rainmatter foundation is to help create green jobs, livelihoods & help preserve the environment...