25 Jun 2024

Rainmatter investment in Solinas

This is how we get our drinking water...
18 Jun 2024

The Rainmatter Health story

All this started with...
18 Apr 2024

Rainmatter investment in Amwoodo

The other advantage of bamboo is that it can potentially help with land degradation, which is a major problem in India...
09 Apr 2024

Boson White Water with its wastewater solutions

It just took one bad rainy season...
16 Jan 2024

A few thoughts on this National Startup Day

Today is National Startup Day...
09 Jan 2024

Introducing Fittr

We are super excited to partner with Fittr...
16 Dec 2023

The Otherside podcast with Rohan Bopanna

Playing a sport you enjoy is one of the most accessible ways to be physically and mentally fit...
28 Nov 2023

Benefits of playing a sport

The one thing that has helped me remain sane...
10 Aug 2023

Rainmatter – Perennial investments

We started Rainmatter in 2016...
18 May 2023

The importance of long-term support for philanthropy in the social sector

As part of Rainmatter, I get to be in meetings & learn from...
28 Oct 2022

Using stock market data feeds in gaming apps

NSE issues a cease & desist to all stock gaming apps. We had written about this issue on the Rainmatter blog...
24 Mar 2022

Is fractional share investing possible in India?

Fractional investing or the ability to invest say $10 in Amazon at $3200 has been the biggest reason for stock market participation to go up in the US...
17 Feb 2022

Making insurance simple

Insurance unfortunately needs to be hard sold today. The issue is that most don’t understand why they need insurance...
04 Feb 2022

Tax arbitrage between dividends and selling a stake and startup profitability

Can the tax arbitrage that exists between earning through dividends(~52%) vs earning through selling a stake (~24%) be the reason why most new-age businesses are not profitable?...
09 Oct 2021

Adoption of organic farming

Oganic farming yeilds and long term thinking...
08 Oct 2021

Organic farming

Adoption of organic farming...
03 Sep 2021

Partnership with Organic Mandya

Our focus at Rainmatter foundation is to help create green jobs, livelihoods & help preserve the environment...
26 Jul 2021

Podcast with vasanth, Rohan and Anugrah of smallcase.

It was 2016 when Vasanth, Anugrah, and Rohan pitched the idea of smallcase and we were quickly sold...
28 May 2021

A few thoughts on the Zerodha journey so far

Buying more of an asset as it goes down is a common behaviour among retail investors....
07 Mar 2021

Making taxes easy with Vishvajit Sonagara of Quicko

A misconception among traders is that you need to file ITR only if you make a profit. Many also don't file since it's quite complex, but...