03 Apr 2024

Could this be the death of currency derivative trading?
The RBI has its own reasons for...
26 Dec 2023

Rise in unauthorized forex, CFD and binary trading platforms
Unauthorized forex, CFD and binary trading platforms have become a serious nuisance...
11 Sep 2023

A few things I learned about food and sustainability
We enjoy some of the strongest net neutrality rules in the world...
21 Apr 2023

Stock market prediction gaming platforms are regulatorily grey
Stock market prediction gaming platforms where you guess...
24 Dec 2020
18 Oct 2020

Evolution of the Indian stock broking industry since the Harshad Mehta scam - Scam92 TV Show
#Scam1992TheHarshadMehtaStory - a thread on everything that has changed since then in the world of Indian stockbroking. Today the settlement cycle is 2 days & SEBI is hinting at a ...
07 Aug 2020

Bootstrapping vs Funding – a tax arbitrage
Promoters of businesses to professional investors, now chase “growth” and increase valuations to sell their stake in the business instead of trying to earn profits and taking the earnings out ...
29 Jul 2020
18 Jul 2020

Stock trading games & copy trading platforms in India?
My thoughts on copy-trading and social trading platforms and why they aren't feasible in India right now.
03 Oct 2019